Wedding video | Adelka + Jindra

Venue: 23 August, 2014 
Venue: Křemešník near to Pelhřimov, Hodějovický mlýn
Camera and edit: Luboš Konečný
2. camera: David Umlauf
Photography: Jindřich Štěrba
Hair-style: Jana Hubatová
Band: Hudba Dvořák

Also Pelhrimov town becames to be my traditional place for shooting weddings. The church ceremony of Adela´s and Jindra´s at Křemešník was the longest one cereremony I have ever seen, It took about 80 minutes with gratulations from guests, but it was also one of the most personal speech i have ever head. The priest had simple so wonderful speech, that when I was editing the longer version of wedding film, it gave me goosebumps again and again :-) Awesome! . 

In the highlight clip you can see few shots from groom´s rushing to the ceremony. But really funny was that it was the priest who had to stay in traffic jam for an hour! But in the end it was one of the best wedding ceremony in my season and now I serve you the result!


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